I loved the book ‘Looking for Alaska’ by John Green so much, that I had to convert the famous book cover to my nails. If you’re a fan of Looking for Alaska, or just like the look, then here’s how to get these nails:


What you’ll need: A yellow nail polish, a white nail polish, a black nail polish and toothpicks. Don’t forget a top coat and base!


After applying a base coat, cover all of your nails in black nail polish – it can be any kind. As long as the nails are completely opaque, then it’s fine. If your nails are a little bit messy, don’t worry.


With your toothpicks, take the white polish and create little daisies on your nails. You don’t necessarily have to use a toothpick for this; just use something that’s small enough to create the daisies.


Taking the yellow polish, use the toothpick to create little yellow dots in the middle of the daises. Add a topcoat, and you’re done!


I think this design is really quite cute and girly, and can make a rather boring outfit have a bit of detail. After finishing my nails, I decided that I’d use a matte topcoat, and I think it looks a lot nicer with this design.


So that’s it for this nail tutorial – I hope you liked it! If you have any other nail art suggestions, or anything you’d like to see on this blog, comment below.


Twitter: @TheFashionCreep – Instagram: thefashioncreep – Email: fashioncreepemail@gmail.com


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