Throughout my life, Dr Marten boots have been stigmatised as goth or punk shoes and, although recent festival fashion has gave them a more wearable stereotype, I still feel as though people still don’t see their full potential. So, when I cast my eyes upon the 1461s, I knew I had to tell people about them.


With a gloriously shiny patent leather finish, the Dr Marten 1461s really do stand out. These classic black flats are so versatile and wearable, that I often find myself desperate to pair them with every clothing item I own! I bought my pair from Schuh, costing £80, but a multitude of other stores stock them, too; Urban Outfitters, ASOS, etc…


The old fashioned, vintage stitching across the shoes can smarten up any casual outfit – yet, the typical Dr Marten sole of the shoe grunges it up. I’ve matched these shoes with dresses, jeans, shorts… all sorts. With little laced ankle socks, I think these fairly manly, bulky flats can look really girly and sweet.


I originally invested in these shoes as a durable, long lasting pair of school shoes. My logic was that, since I go through nearly 6 pairs of shoes throughout a school year, spending a lot of money on a decent pair of shoes would be better. And I was right. I bought these shoes nearly two months ago, trailed them through mud and rain, and worn them outside of school nearly every day. In my opinion, they still look brand new!

So, if you’re looking for a decent pair of shoes that will last you, but still look fabulous, I would completely recommend the Dr Marten 1461s. They’d suite anyone, and go with anything.


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