Some say that it’s the little things in life that make it worth living. I can’t disagree. Things happen during the average day that others would find so mundane, yet, I absolutely love them. Like, waking up on a Saturday morning, for example.

I find something so serene and idyllic about waking up in my own bed on a Saturday morning; I have no alarms, no worries – and the opportunity to make whatever I want out of my day. You may find me completely mad, but let me explain why Saturday mornings are so perfect…


Letting the sun pour in:

I find that, if I’m awoken by an alarm, I wake up so unhappy in the morning. However, when the sun cascades into my room on a Saturday, I feel so content and calm. I just find something so pretty about the way the sun falls into my bedroom – and it sets me up for a good mood throughout the day!


The big, fluffy duvet:

I’m sure that I have a genuine emotional attachment towards my duvet, especially on those cold winter night. But even so, I often find myself still snuggling into it when my room is about 40 degrees centigrade! I couldn’t bare to spend a night without my duvet. So, when I wake up on a Saturday, I make sure to give it some extra attention (i.e. I sleep in!).


Cups of tea and coffee:

When I wake up, groggy and still sleepy, the first thing I’ll ever want is a cup of tea. My house is really, really old – I think it’s from Edwardian times – so it gets painfully cold at times. A hot cup of tea on a cold Autumnal day makes everything seem bearable again, and I couldn’t have my breakfast without one!


Lazy days:

We all secretly love a pyjama day; you’d be lying if you denied it. So, whenever I get the chance, I like to take a day out from the busy student lifestyle, and just sit in bed casting through my tweets. Slowing my day down like this allows me to recharge after a week of nonstop revision, exam prep and talking to people who I’d really rather not. Saturday is the perfect day to appreciate what I have at home, and just chill out.

Those are my reasons for loving Saturday mornings, and if you appreciate them as much as I do, comment and tell me about it. Maybe you love a different part of the week? Let me know!

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